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Luxury Rose Lash Cleanser


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Our Lash Cleanser is the solution to multiple issues associated with lash extensions: 

  • poor retention
  • itchy eyes
  • watering eyes
  • build up
  • closed fans

Increase your comfort and rate of retention with the our Lash Cleanser. The cleanser gently removes makeup, build up and skin oils without compromising the bond of lash extensions. Lashes are left fluffy, light and itch-free! 


Apply one pump of cleanser to each closed eye. Brush lids side to side and brush lashes in a downward motion. Use a soft, fluffy makeup brush. Do this for 1 minute to let the Lash Cleanser work its magic. For best results, do this in the shower so that you may rinse well under running water. Brush lashes after they have air dried or if you desire to blow dry them, do so on a low and cool setting. Use right before your fill and 3-5 x a week or every day if you have seasonal allergies or wear eye makeup or foundation on your eyelids. 

Comes wrapped in protective film to preserve the label. Please unwrap carefully.

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