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LAVENDER Cream Lash Remover


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Cream Lash Remover is used for a hassle free, damage free eyelash extension removal. Directions for a hassle free removal Apply YESELIN BEAUTY eye pads to protect the skin during the removal process. Place a small drop size of Remover on a micro swab. Gently wipe the eyelash extension where the glue is applied until the lash loosens and comes off. Eyelash extensions should be removed on one eye at a time. Make sure the clients eyes are closed during the process. Avoid contact with the skin and eyes. Once all eyelash extensions are off wipe excess remover with a wet towelette or a baby wipe. 

  • Fast Dissolution - Our glue remover can easily remove the bonded lashes in less than 60 seconds, making your eyelash extension removal process more time-effective. Our special formulated solvent can efficiently break down any strongest types of eyelash extensions adhesives and offer pain-free removal experience for your clients.
  • Pro Grade No drip Gel Formula -   Yeselin Beauty effective and gentle gel remover is perfectly formulated to stay on the lashes without running into client’s eyes. Only a small amount of gel remover is needed to remove any eyelash extensions.
  • Designed and Formulated in USA –  Effective & Gentle Cream Removers are designed in Los Angeles and made by our strategic partners in Korea. We have strict quality control and regular review systems to provide you the best reliable and quality eyelash extension products.

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